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How To Send Bulk SMS

When we say how to send bulk SMS, we simply mean how to send a text message to a large number of recipients at the same time.

Step 1 - Open A Bulk SMS Account

First thing first, to send bulk SMS you need an account with a bulk SMS service provider such as Nigeria SMS Depot. There are many others out there, but Nigeria SMS Depot stands tall among the best bulk SMS service providers in Nigeria and the World.


The opening of a bulk SMS account is free here. And, you will also get free SMS credits to test how the platform works.

Step 2 - Buy SMS Credits

The second step is to buy SMS credits sufficient to cover the number of text messages you wish to send and the number of recipients you have in mind to send the message to.

Step 3 - Compose & Send the Message

Once you have sufficient credit in you bulk SMS account you can begin to send your messages.




A. Add recipients of the message you want to send. The various option available to you as can be seen in the image below are:




  1. Type or copy and paste the recipients' numbers into the To box provided. Using this option, the numbers can be arranged as follows:

    08091814000, 08062102020, 09020000170, 09020000181

    2348091814000, 2348062102020, 2349020000170, 2349020000181





  2. Upload your recipients' numbers from a file. You can upload recipients from a .txt or .csv file. For example, find below a sample text file containing mobile numbers.  Multiple mobile numbers can be given separated by the delimiter provided.



  3. Select one or more groups. In this option, you will select one or more groups from the list of groups you already have created in your account. how-to-send-bulk-sms-3


B. Select/type the sender name (not more than 11 characters including spaces) you wish to use to send your message.




This could be all alphabets or numeric characters or digits only or alphanumeric characters and digits. Note however that some networks like Glo do not allow numeric sender ids.




If you have already saved template(s) in your account, you may select anyone of them to use in sending your bulk text message otherwise you will proceed down to D below.


D. Type or copy and paste the message you want to send to your recipients in this box. 





This platform allows you to send a message in any language of your choice. As you can send your message in English, so, also you can in Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Russia, French, Spanish, German, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Cyrillic, Greek, Polish and all others with the Unicode characters. To send your bulk SMS text messages in these languages, use the Send Unicode Message send form.


E. These are control boxes to help you know the number of characters and pages the SMS you are about to send has.




The first box shows the number of characters typed while the second indicates the number of SMS pages.


F. Schedule your message to send later.


If want your message to be sent later i.e sometime in the future, this is the place to set the date when you want the message to be sent out. You must check the small box to reveal the calendar to enable you to set the send date.


G. Click the send button to send your message or the clear button to clear the send SMS box to re-start composing your message fresh.




When you click the send button, you'll be taken to the page where you will have the final opportunity to review the message you are about to send out in its entirety. Click the confirm button to send the message or back to go back to edit the message.

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