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Nigeria SMS Depot Now Accept MCash - Our Merchant ID is 00002026



Once again, we are very happy to announce to you that T&D Telecomms Services (owner of Nigeria SMS Depot) is live on the mCash platform.

A Merchant/Seller ID is all that is required to make payment from any mobile phone to a service provider or seller on this new platform. 

Our own Merchant ID is 00002026. This all you need to pay us now using your phone.

What is mCash?

It is an innovative solution introduced by a consortium of all Nigerian banks to facilitate paying for goods and services by buyers, using their mobile phones, and receiving of payments by sellers.

It leverages on the USSD technology which is available on all mobile phones and the NIBSS Instant Payments infrastructure (NIP) for immediate transfer of funds from the buyers' accounts and delivery to merchants accounts.

It, therefore, makes payments for goods or services more easier for consumers and likewise receiving of payments by sellers.

All that one needs to make payment to a merchant or any service provider using this new platform is to know the merchant's ID on it and dial the following USSD code:


If for example, you want to pay Merchant A the sum of ₦7,000 and the ID of this merchant is 00001234. You will dial like this on your phone: 


Who Is mCash For?

  • All Business owners (Merchants/Sellers) who have goods and services to sell
  • All Customers who intend to make payments for goods and services

Major Features Of mCash

The following are the key features of mCASH

  • Merchant (Seller) code is assigned without charge.
  • The Seller receives instant credit for all transactions and not T+1 as in the case of POS
  • Payment is made with bank account number. You do not need a card for mCASH payment.
  • The Telcos will not charge for USSD messages as the mCASH USSD channel is zero-rated
  • Merchants(Sellers) will not bear any cost for Transactions below N10,000
  • Payments can be made from any type of mobile phone.
  • Payment receipt is provided as an alert by the payer’s financial institution
  • Transaction security is ensured using the PIN entered by customer, IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) provided by the Mobile Network Operator and BVN of the account Holder

How to Use mCash to Pay for Your Bulk SMS Credit

So, you want to pay us using mCash? You'll need the following two things

  1. Amount you want to pay
  2. Our Merchant ID - 00002026




Dial *402*00002026*Amount#


mcash step2


Select your preferred bank to use for the payment.




Select the account number(in case you have more than one in your preferred bank)


mcash step 4


Enter Passcode/PIN (You'll be directed to create one if it is your first time of using mCash)


mcash step 5


Final stage; you will receive a confirmation message.

Do you need further clarification on how to use mCash to pay us? Call 08091814000 or 08062102020.

Talk to us

0809 181 4000