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We know a lot of bulk SMS messaging users uses the basic GSM alphabet (which supports all Latin characters, digits and a few special characters). We are also aware that a large portion of users that own some apps, companies and brands will prefer to use their own alphabets when communicating with their audiences over SMS.

What happens then if you send an SMS message in Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and other alphabets with specific characters, without having the Unicode encoding? Recipients will get a message they won’t be able to read because their phone couldn’t recognise that kind of data coding.

To avoid generating such unreadable messages, Nigeria SMS Depot offers you an option of unicode message when sending your messages.

Nigeria SMS Depot is highly optimised to send your bulk sms messages in any Language of your choice.

Easily send bulk sms in Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Russia, French, Spanish, German, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Cyrillic, Greek, Polish, etc.

For existing users just Login to your account and select Send Unicode Message then type or copy and paste your message in the send sms box, input Sender and recipient(s) and click the send button.

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