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All you have to do is manage the customers’ aspect. Even that also, our Customer Support will always be there to assist.

As of March 2016, available statistics estimated the World population to be 7.4 billion. These are all your potential customers. Imagine just having a thousand of them as your users.

Not to even go too far, statistics currently put Nigeria's population at 190 million. Imagine having just about 1000 of these people as your customers, 500 of which send at least 10,000 messages per month! Assume your profit margin is N1 per message. Do the math! That’s 500 x 10,000 x N1 every month into your account. DO THE MATH!!

Won’t you rather invest in a low risk and high return business? Bulk SMS reselling business has low risk and high return! The investment risk is low, or non-existence, the product/service (bulk SMS) is high in demand, and the return is out of this world. Very great!

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Bulk SMS Android App

We Have a New Android Bulk SMS App


We are pleased to announce that we have a new Bulk SMS Android app with a lot more features than the previous one earlier released.

The app makes it easier for users to send their messages on the go on all their android phones and tablets.

Some of the new features are:

  • new menu layout
  • ability to register as a member of Nigeria SMS Depot without visiting the main site
  • ability to buy SMS credit directly from the app
  • ability to create new sender id/name directly
  • manage group functions
  • view your payment transactions
  • and so much more

You can download from Google Play Store or directly download and install the apk file from our website. Download here.

If you are getting low memory message when installing from Play Store on your phone, please download the apk file directly from our website here and install.

If you need further clarifications or help please call 0809-181-4000 or 0806-210-2020.