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Get Your Sender Approved Before Use


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SENDER, also sometimes refers to as 'Sender ID' or 'Sender Name' is the name that appears as the sender of a message on a recipient phone.

The sender can only have a maximum of 11 characters.

Man engrossed using smartphonePrior to this time, anyone can get online, sign up for a bulk SMS account and use any sender to send his/her message.

But now, due to abuse and frauds by some unscrupulous users, new regulation now required that you register your sender before you can use it to send your message.

Invariably, what this means is that if the sender used has not been approved prior to your using it to send your message, your message cannot and will not be sent on this platform.

To avoid the above happening, ensure you always use your approved sender(s) in sending your messages.

If you are a new user testing the platform, kindly use NSD SMS as your sender. Existing user can also use it to troubleshoot if the reason for their message(s) failure is the Sender. 

You can submit your new sender(s) here for approval. Please, note that sender approval takes 24 hours.


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