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0809 181 4000
0806 210 2020
0902 000 0252

Dis is your month of enthronement,
unlimited success,
unstoppable exploits,
worldwide announcement,
unbelievable progress,
continuous favour,
U re Lifted,
hapi new month

No body goes 2 stream early enough
and come back wit dirty water,
as u start dis new mth,
may ur life be clean lik early morning stream.
Hapi new mnth

NOAH'S ark ws built by ordinary armateurs,
D Titanic was built by expert's:
wich of dm sank?
Bcos d lord is d builder of your life,
U il neva sink.
U shal go wt joy and b led fort wt peace new and 4evamor.
As d moon and stars mak way 4 d breakn of
d new month so shal your blesn break 4t n Jesus name.
Api N month

Just as Diamond reflects its glory from every sides of view,
so shal God's glory shine on every side
of your life and make you special,
hv a luly new month!

Happy new month.
You are launched into higher level of productivity.
Kings shall come 2 d brightness of your rising.