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Ways To Buy SMS Credits

ways to buy sms credits


1) Buy SMS Bundle Online with either SimplePay or VoguePay using your ATM card. Click here


2) Make payment with mCash using any type of phone.

All that one needs to make payment to a merchant or any service provider using this new platform is to know the merchant's ID on it and dial the following USSD code:


Our own merchant ID is 00002026. And, if for example, you want to pay us the sum of ₦7,000, you will dial like below on your phone: 


Learn more about mCash.


3) Make Fund Transfer or cash deposit to our

Account: T & D Telecomms Services

Account No: 0032586045

Bank: Diamond Bank


4) Make payment of any amount securely with your ATM card directly through VoguePay secure platform. Click here


5) Make payment of any amount directly with your ATM card on SimplePay secure platform. Click here


6) Make payment of any amount securely on Paystack secure platform with your ATM card. Pay here now


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